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Already for decades, various types of residential and public spaces are enriched with our extraordinary design. Private living rooms, residential buildings, schools, kindergardens, hospitals, churches, sales and exhibition rooms, as well as smaller and larger halls of theaters or meeting rooms of various kinds. Are you interested in our products or do you need lamps for a specific project? We are happy to answer all your questions and concerns regarding our wide range of lamps. We would also like to invite you to our showroom to see our designer lamps live and in action. Simply contact us without any obligation.

Tel: +41 61 701 43 25

DSR Radio - Schweiz - Artolux AG.jpg
Filderklinik1 - Deutschland - Artolux AG.jpg
Waldorfschule Witten - Deutschland - Artolux AG.jpg
Rüttihubelbad2 - Schweiz - Artolux AG.jpg
Waldorfschule Braunschweig - Artolux AG.jpg
Waldorfschule Engelberg - Deutschland - Artolux AG.jpg
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