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In the fall of 1958, Rudolf Dörfler started making geometric figures and solids. Through this kind of geometric occupation and handicraft activity, after some time, the first designer lamps made of acrylic glass were also created.

From the very beginning, Rudolf Dörfler's partner participated in the work. This has resulted in more than 60 years of intensive and lively cooperation between Rudolf and Ursula Dörfler.


During their creative period, the founding couple of Rudolf Dörfler Leuchten and later of Artolux AG were concerned that the mind, the soul of the observer of the lamps could be positively influenced by this special artistic design. The luminaires should not be a mere "cold" design result, but should enter into a "warm", lively and uplifting inner dialogue with the viewer.


Meanwhile, all over the world can be found these very special, unique and merging with the environment in symbiosis luminaires. Once you have seen them, you can hardly resist their fascinating, lively charisma.


After a creative life, it was gradually time to hand over the life's work to suitable successors. With a great deal of dedication and commitment, Dragan Senfner has taken on this succession by continuing the work of Artolux AG through the founding of Astralux GmbH.


It is an essential concern for him to continue the previous artistic design impulse and thus the comprehensive life's work of the Dörfler couple. What has been achieved is to be preserved, but at the same time cautious steps into the future are to be taken.


Also, the production of the lamps is to continue with great attention to detail and extensive manual work. Adaptations and changes to the current conditions will certainly have to take place but only through devoted manual labor can high quality be achieved on the one hand. And on the other hand, this is the only way to create truly living and authentic products that can touch.


Special attention should also be paid to the area of naturalness and sustainability and this in the whole process from the purchase of the raw material, over the actual production, up to the packaging and the dispatch.

The respect and preservation and sustainable use of the resources provided to us is a guiding heart concern.

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